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The Benefits of Factory Service:

An Absorption Chiller often is the largest significant operating asset in the building HVAC system.  It is also a significant energy consumer and typically represents a large portion of the buildings operating cost related to HVAC operation.  Insuring and verifying that the chiller is operating within the proper application parameters, most buildings can save thousands of dollars a year as well as insure that the chiller reaches it life cycle goals in an affordable manner.  A chiller that is not properly maintained or operated will result in unexpected repair costs and unreliable operation. 

Broad U.S.A. intention is to offer a variety of maintenance options to compliment the owner’s expertise and time that the operators can dedicate to proper service, maintenance and operation.  Together as a team we have found that most building owners will lower their operational costs as well as insure that their chiller reaches it design life cycle goals.


Service options to consider:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring via the Internet (BROAD Internet Monitoring)

  • Full Maintenance & Extended Warranty

  • Tube cleaning

  • Burner Calibration

  • Eddy Current Tube Analysis

  • Lithium Bromide Analysis

  • Leak Check 

  • Lower inhibitor levels

  • LiBr Solution Regeneration

  • Tower Control and System Optimization

  • Factory Training at your facility


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